Rapid Marketplace is big data ecommerce and mobile commerce for B2C and B2B online retailers. Rapid Marketplace utilizes big data to drive more qualified customers and sales conversions.  Learn more about how big data ecommerce will help you analyze your data, customers, trends and markets in real time.
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Rapid Marketplace Commerce Overview

Rapid Marketplace is an innovative .NET ecommerce platform that is provided in a hosted SaaS model. Our team is comprised of seasoned ecommerce and mobile commerce experts who have one mission, to increase our customer’s online sales.

The Rapid Marketplace ecommerce platform is built using the latest Microsoft .NET technologies and is deployed as a flexible SaaS platform. By deploying your online store with Rapid Marketplace you will get to market in less than 90 days and for a fraction of the cost while experiencing the highest quality customer support from Microsoft professionals.

So what makes Rapid Marketplace so innovative and unique? Rapid Marketplace is one the most technically advanced SEO-friendly ecommerce and mobile commerce platforms on the market today. Before you can sell a product your site has to be found. Rapid Marketplace produces higher search engine rankings so you can sell more.

Next the Rapid Marketplace ecommerce platform is built on big data principles. Rapid Marketplace is an innovative and better way to collect and harness your customer and online traffic data. Rapid Marketplace has the flexibility to do any type of real-time and historical analysis, and the power to deliver custom dashboards and views to anyone in your company. Ecommerce big data will help you become more intelligent about your online business, your customers, competitors and market trends giving you the insights to grow your business.


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